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Générateur de codes EAN pour PrestaShop
  • Générateur de codes EAN pour PrestaShop
  • Générateur de codes EAN pour PrestaShop
  • Générateur de codes EAN pour PrestaShop
  • Générateur de codes EAN pour PrestaShop

EAN codes generator for PrestaShop

This module for PrestaShop 1.5 / 1.6 will automatically add EAN / UPC codes to your products

License: Standard (for 1 shop site)

In some cases, you may need to add EAN or UPC codes to your products. Some comparison websites or marketplaces may impose the presence of these codes in your catalog, for example. But the need may be only internally to manage your products using bar codes in your warehouse.

This module developed for PrestaShop 1.5 / 1.6 will allow you to automatically add these EAN or UPC codes..

Attention, these codes won't be "real" EAN codes (which normally have to be purchased from approved organizations) but valid codes generated from the product identifier. EAN codes generated by this module will be of 13 digits and will take the product identifier, left completed by zeroes and terminated by a check digit.

In practice, the product that has the id 1 will be have the EAN13 code 0000000000017. The last digit (7 here) is the check digit. The EAN code will be valid according to the EAN13 code verification algorithm.

For products with attributes, each variation will be have a unique code EAN, including the id of the attribute. 0000000090544 will be for example the EAN code for the product with id 9 and the attribute id 54 (the last 4 being the check digit).

This module will allow you to generate the EAN or UPC codes on the fly, ie to progressively add new products in your catalog.

You can also generate a posteriori EAN13 or UPC missing codes for products already in your catalog.

If necessary, you can finally remove the product codes, choose to remove all existing codes, or only the codes that are not valids (that is, those whose last check digit is not correct).


Version 2.0.0, 10/10/2016

Possibilite to configure a prefix for your codes. So for differents shops, products with the same IDs won't have the same EAN / UPC codes.
For example, if you choose to use 1234 as your prefix, the product with id 1 attribute id 2 will get the following EAN code : 1234000001029 (the last digit, 9, is the check digit).

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